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Church History

Although the members of Winfield Church of God in Christ attended the church as a congregation for many years prior, the church wasn’t formally established and officially recognized until the year 1969.

One senior former member, who moved to Ravenna the South in 1944 at the age of 10 years old,  when their family began attending the church, Elder Kirksey was the Pastor.  The next Pastor was Elder Miller.  After Elder Miller, there was an interim Pastor for a brief period of time, however she could not recall his name.

The next Pastor for Winfield was Pastor Barnes.  At the time he was also Pastor for a church in Warren, Ohio.  Because of the responsibilities and obligations needed to properly be the leader of the church, he decided to serve only one church.  He remained at Winfield until another Pastor could be assigned.  That Pastor was Elder C.E. Kirkland, who would later be transferred to Youngstown by Bishop R.L. Fields.  After Pastor Kirkland transferred, Elder George Clinkscales was appointed to Pastor Winfield Church of God in Christ.

Mother Willis had a vision of who would be the next Pastor for Winfield.  When the man entered the church one day, she said “He’s the one.”  That man was the late Superintendent Willie J. Evans who served the ministry for nearly 40 years.  As his health prevented him from fulfilling the duties of Pastor, he retired.

Our history took an unknown turn of events, which we were not yet aware.  Bishop Edward T. Cook, sent his personal Adjutant to Winfield in December of 2012 to preach for one Sunday.  After being requested to come back, Bishop Cook allowed his Adjutant to continue to preach at Winfield.  It was to be a temporary assignment until a replacement was selected for Superintendent Evans...but God had a different plan.

On February 13, 2013, Elder Dennis J. Richey, Sr. became the Shepherd of this flock.  God has given the best in Pastor Dennis and First Lady Geraldine Richey.  To God be the glory!

God is really blessing Winfield and the best is yet to come.  We are grateful for our beginnings and live in expectation of the new things that God is going to do at Winfield.  The legacy of Winfield Church of God in Christ continues to grow because “WE SEE IT, BEFORE WE SEE IT, IF WE ARE EVER GOING TO SEE IT!”